Artist ········· William Keihn (b.1983, Indiana), Chicago based
Medium ········· Photography
Year ··········· 2019


The process I use to make photographs relates itself to an act of meditation. I don't make images in a controlled execution of orders or in aim of a specific thing. There are ruminations, but the process is closer to an improvised performance where the body operates upon intuition. Of course there are many determinations made, but when it comes down to it, the images are created through a certain surrender of control, a kind of faith.

Our world is saturated with constructed meaning, and the vast majority of images being made seem to further uniformity and efficacy.  As a photographer, I question what it is that I can do that advertising and popular media cannot.

I don’t care for images to perform the visual statistics of photojournalism. I’m interested in creating work that distorts clear genre distinctions and images that engage with the world’s contradictions. Photographs offer us denotive elements but a viewer is free to make their own determinations.  In this way, my work is open to individual readings.

The openness is liberating.